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  • Honnnnyyyy like wtf

    Mazna TvMazna Tv8 órája
  • OMG i got this jojo game when i was like 8 or 9 and i never even noticed like eeeeeeeewwwwwww

    addy whiteaddy white9 órája
  • She doesn't fake her streams, its normal. HUworld *stops* the views to *check* if they are any fake views and a day or hours later they work again. this once again just shows that majority of america is basically just dragging people, being pressed *a lot* of other peoples success and being uneducated af. Sad

    Becky BTSBecky BTS22 órája
  • Anna Hunnyyy you know i love you but i know you did not just say Colleen is famous for being friends w James Charles-

    Ella CooperElla CooperNapja
  • Love how jojo didn’t break down and play the victim she was rly mature abt the situation you go jojo

    Jordyn MacKayJordyn MacKayNapja
  • Nooooo Dixie better not have more streaming than my favorite boy Tyler nooooo!!!!

    Juliette MartinezJuliette Martinez2 napja
  • How is that game inappropriate 😭

    Amaya ThomasAmaya Thomas2 napja
  • Doc : you have 10mins and 6 seconds to live Me:

    Alizah NaushadAlizah Naushad2 napja
  • I think we should not throw hate it all of this queen and king 👑👑. In this video I only love jojo siwa but I don't think we should throw hate . Love all of you

    Sabiha KhalidSabiha Khalid2 napja
  • how are people mad at dixie for people listening to her music?

    Sizzle SisterAvaSizzle SisterAva2 napja
  • i- know she did not just say colleen is know for being friends with james charles. she was on BROADWAY

    Sizzle SisterAvaSizzle SisterAva2 napja
  • i missed 11 videos i- 👨‍🦯

    Anheiya GenltesAnheiya Genltes2 napja
  • I didn't expect to see Jojo Siwa on your videos 😶😳

    Nefeli SadikajNefeli Sadikaj2 napja
  • but i like dixie :(

    Adeeva KabirAdeeva Kabir3 napja
  • I'm glad jojo handeled the situation so maturely

    Paige MayoPaige Mayo4 napja
  • Ppl r just dramatic

    Taylor SteeleTaylor Steele4 napja
  • Okay so the thing with Dixie. I have not accused her, but she started to do what she loved but some white people just love drama, she sings cause she loves it and people are throwing shade at Dixie for no damn reason people should just find something to do other than accuse Dixie for making music

  • why didnt you show jen’s response to james?

    Renee SimpsonRenee Simpson4 napja
  • Tbh Dixie is in every video I think they need to give Dixie a break!!!!!there always hating on her like what-

    D’Essynce AshD’Essynce Ash4 napja
  • Bruh

    Pamela Ysabelle IzonPamela Ysabelle Izon4 napja
  • I just want to say Jen snapped back at James response to her tweet... check her tiktok

    It’s EllaIt’s Ella4 napja
  • 6:30 There's literally a FOUR month difference in release dates and you mad over 5 million views...

    D MerraceD Merrace4 napja
  • jojo didnt make make it nickalodin made it with out her conset

    Danna RosasDanna Rosas4 napja
  • 2021 just started!

    Call Meh KittyCall Meh Kitty4 napja
  • Gen z are such snowflakes

    Sierra Does ItSierra Does It5 napja
  • Anna honey Colleen is MIRANDA SINGS

    Nila YeganegiNila Yeganegi5 napja
  • I luv Jenn 😌🤚

    Art NavaArt Nava5 napja
  • SHUT UP EVERYONE SHE DID NOTHING WRONG YOU STUPID PPL ARE GETTING MAD AT HER FOR STUPID REASONS They ARE taking the pandemic seriously!!! They can hang out with friends if they want. for example, I hang out with a group of friends every day, and no one is getting mad at me. Just because they are famous doesn't mean they aren't regular people and you can just get mad at them for stupid stuff like this. Are people not allowed to go on vacation with some really close friends? Like I've gone on many trips with friends and no one is canceling me. This is so stupid.

    Grace ScalzoGrace Scalzo5 napja
  • I'm so confused what did Dixie do? She doesnt chose how many ppl listen to her music its not her fault loads of ppl enjoy her singing so why they all coming at her???!!!

    Its_Kyla!Its_Kyla!5 napja
  • Dixi should no get hate because she is so pretty and smart and her music is amazing 😉

    Aylin Ortiz-ZegarraAylin Ortiz-Zegarra5 napja
  • wtf

    Maya MukamiMaya Mukami5 napja
  • can u stop yellingggg

    Anja GorjianAnja Gorjian5 napja
  • Nooo why jojo!

    Zoe Genesis GonzalesZoe Genesis Gonzales5 napja
  • ok, but why do yall keep calling them influencers? do they even influence-

    Sophie MansfieldSophie Mansfield5 napja
  • I don’t really think its jojo Fault i think its the Marketing

    This is Not AshleyThis is Not Ashley6 napja

    Leila ʕ•ᴥ•ʔLeila ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ6 napja
  • i personally think that dixie doesn’t deserve the hate but i don’t understand why she has more monthly listeners than bigger artists. her music is TERRIBLE. and the fact that she doesn’t write her own songs, that’s embarrassing. but she doesn’t deserve the hate.

    Donica McCarterDonica McCarter6 napja
  • ariana grande created that song 1 month ago while dixie made it 5 months ago. Obviously, more people will watch it, do the arithmetic.

    cookie akiracookie akira6 napja

    Addison hall Fan pageAddison hall Fan page6 napja
  • lol

    Joanne NgozoJoanne Ngozo6 napja
  • Demi just went 😳

    shauntelleshauntelle6 napja
  • Everyone want to talk about Influencers not social distancing but I am pretty sure evening who want to talk mess goes on trips goes to the mall out to eat and I am pretty sure you guys take off your mask and Dixie Demilio can't control how many views she gets and she can really sing and have u guys ever thought how the reason why she is so sad is because you guys make so much fun about her I feel really bad for her

    Jazzmyn PasillasJazzmyn Pasillas6 napja
  • People are so desperate to make 2021 another 2020 that they’ll do anything to stir up some drama, even attempting to ruin Jojo Siwa’s image like what- get a life. 🙄

    0rangeßeige0rangeßeige6 napja
  • But justdont

    Xxlovely_gachaxXXxlovely_gachaxX6 napja
  • Idk what you say

    Xxlovely_gachaxXXxlovely_gachaxX6 napja
  • did you really just say that Colleen is known for being James’ friend NO HONEY she’s Miranda sings!

    Samah_playsxpSamah_playsxp7 napja
  • so u mean to tell me dixie got more monthly listeners than ACTUAL artists???? she really has more listeners than red velvet💀 like no hate but really... why does she have a spotify if she doesn't have an album?

  • I think Dix doesnt deserve all the hate...she always been known as charlis sister,even google, when u would Search "dixie damelio" there would stand "charlis sister"... She wanted to be someone,someone other then "charlis sister" My View of it

    Ohrenaugen KatzeOhrenaugen Katze7 napja
  • I am not a fan of Jojo siwa but she replied with the best way E

    AgapeAgape7 napja
  • Lmaoooo colleen does NOT NEED JAMES 😂😂 are u DUMB

    Jordan sampsonJordan sampson7 napja
  • Girl you literally screaming on this video 🙉...its annoying 😾

    Mama RMama R7 napja
  • Okay but if these Tik Tokers want to be at the Bahamas and traveling well thats on them. It is nobody's business as to what these Tik Tokers are doing. If they want to risk their own life along with others peoples lives thats on them. Just hope they can be responsible enough when their is consequences to their actions.

    gloria castanedagloria castaneda7 napja
  • jojo siwa was so mature i kind of stan, the influencers deserved to be called out for going on vacations demi is a queen, james charles needs to apologize for collaborating with so many ppl, all the ppl that went to the bahamas need to get a clue and say theyre sorry in a way like jojo siwa

    Christina ParkerChristina Parker8 napja
  • those disrespectful influencers of the pandemic out partying be like: 'fuck the world we'll keep getting rich" bye

    H. MH. M8 napja
  • nobody: tiktokers going to Miami: my granny not able to get to uk from Miami since march:

    honey smithhoney smith8 napja
    • btw im from England and my granny is also

      honey smithhoney smith8 napja
  • I feel like y’all don’t understand how TikTokers think it’s supposed to be like “can’t cancel what’s already cancelled hehe” smh

    Ciara’s StoriesCiara’s Stories8 napja
  • I'm not an avid jojo fan nor do I keep up with her life or content, but she handed the situation very maturely. She accepted the mistake and took responsibility. Also, notice how she didn't cry and make a scene and try to blame her platform like other tiktokers would have done. She apologized and ensured that it would never happen again. Take notes tiktok!!

    Rakshu SankarramanRakshu Sankarraman8 napja
  • 7:24 this man has never seen armys streaming BTS mvs

    Caral ShajuCaral Shaju8 napja
  • bruh james *does* need to be called out though. he doesn't wear masks in the videos, or social distancing. not social distancing can be just as bad as traveling, if not worse. it's irresponsible and stupid and it's about time someone called them out about it. larray should also be called out. you can't preach on tiktokers not social distancing when yall literally do it all the time lmao-

    savsav8 napja
  • Jojo is not lying ngl 💀🙄 She takes situations seriously unlike tiktokers travelling to the Bahamas 🙄 The fact she apologised for something she didn’t even do whilst tiktokers don’t even apologise for travelling in the middle of a pandemic lmao 🙄💀💀💀😂

    Ayla ShearerAyla Shearer8 napja
  • Colleen is know for Miranda sings... more so than knowing games...

    Laila JLaila J8 napja
  • Jojo you dropped this 👑

    best_of_all_ celebritiesbest_of_all_ celebrities8 napja
  • dixie isn’t even a musician

    LibbyLibby8 napja
  • Ok,i know they might be disgaurding the pandamic rules but like bro why ppl gotta attack em?If u dont like that person dont watch their videos,dont interfere,and just dont watch anything of theirs!You are giving them a view if u know that u arent gonna like it and ur gonna give them hate.I moght be wrong and u have full rights to hate at me but im trying to tell the truth.If some of em wanna break the pandemic rules then let em.U arent living ad them and u arebt them.Leave em be-

    •Suqar_ Tea••Suqar_ Tea•8 napja
  • imagine getting dragged by demi lovato 👏

    Naeem GulNaeem Gul8 napja
  • 9:45 She’s reading a script 😭 “it has come to my attention”

    Taemily TaemilyTaemily Taemily8 napja
  • yes finally jojo siwa is cancelled lol!

    Brianna ArwoodBrianna Arwood9 napja
  • why do you even have to spill tea mind ur own buisness

    Ariel LiuAriel Liu9 napja
  • Idc about jojo i HATE her dont ask why -_-

    LARA YousryLARA Yousry9 napja
  • the thingy abaout dixie's music , everyone is like hating but also they stream her music theirself..

    Julia SnijdersJulia Snijders9 napja
  • 6:30 Ariana's song was posted 1 month ago and Dixie's song was posted 5 months ago what do you expect? Plus there's only 5 million views difference like everybody knows there's millions of fanpages/fans of the Damelios

    reem kokalreem kokal9 napja
  • Not some of yall tryin to go after one of my QUEENS just because shes friends with james like bruh shes friends with jojo and also is friends with a other QUEEN ariana grande so thats stupid cancelling someone just because they r friends with someone grow the fuck up

    Ivette QueenIvette Queen9 napja
  • Oh my God why was she do that 🙅

    Maria GonzalezMaria Gonzalez9 napja
  • not Jojo Siwa gettin CANCELLED

    The Karen Sisters Jaz!The Karen Sisters Jaz!9 napja
  • this girl did not just say colleen was famous cause shes friends with james charles LMFAO GIRL BYE

    Ailani MarinAilani Marin9 napja
  • actually Nickelodeon made the game and SLAPPED her face on all of ir

    iiMushroomBeaniiMushroomBean9 napja
  • Demi Lovato putting these bitches in their place cuz she’s actually famous and for good reasoning. Unlike these “influencers” who do a 15 second video

    Jayden D.Jayden D.10 napja
  • Wth is wrong with people why can’t they just accept the fact that Dixie has more listeners than them like move on with your life🙄

    Jessica RomigJessica Romig10 napja
  • the word cancel makes me annoyed now

    livrblxlivrblx10 napja
  • I'm sorry but.. seeing dixie get more views/monthy listeners then people who actually put effort into their music and in my opinion have better music, upsets me..

    hanahana10 napja
  • Literally all celebrities worked hard to where they are at rn and to just see dixie having more followers when she DINT EVEN HAVE TO WORK for what all other celebrities had to work for, it's stupid and I don't blame the people who are at her for that

    billieisticc- conan us also ticcbillieisticc- conan us also ticc10 napja
  • Okay but the streams are what ppl are giving her😐and they give it to her , then hate her😐 Don't want her as a lil mainstream? Don't fucking stream🤷🏻‍♀️

    neurologist Mneurologist M10 napja
  • Jojo is an unproblematic queen

    T o c a Y a mT o c a Y a m10 napja
  • I know she did not say known for hanging out with james Charles do y’all not know Amanda sings???????!!!! Uncultured!!!

    Nakia KeeneNakia Keene10 napja
  • When I saw my chemical romance on the "Dixie damelio has more monthly listeners than everyone here" I was SHOCKED like damn, even a band who started off back in the 2000's or somewhere around that time got less monthly listeners Bitch I'm about to listen to every mcr song on replay just so it can get more listeners, even if it is possible-

    Ricki JarreauRicki Jarreau10 napja
  • رحمت جوجو احسها على نياتها

    Reema AReema A10 napja
  • Atleast Blackpink has much more

    Antastique - RobloxAntastique - Roblox10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja

    Onyekachi NwanokaOnyekachi Nwanoka10 napja