Charli & Chase CAUGHT KISSING After THIS?!, Noah Beck CANCELLED, Mattia Polibio THREATENED?!

2021.jan. 8.
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Charli & Chase CAUGHT KISSING After THIS?!, Noah Beck CANCELLED, Mattia Polibio THREATENED?!
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  • He shouldn’t fat shame a baby he should’ve been grown up by now but clearly he’s not they just shouldn’t of came for his family that was totally wrong what he did but his family didn’t do anything

    Oceans ChannelOceans Channel9 órája
  • okay but don't act like you haven't been hanging around your friends during this pandemic, like their human and so are you. I went to Colorado this year, I went on sleepovers multiple times this year and don't act like most of ya'll haven't.

    Avi HaskinsAvi Haskins9 órája

    Queen BeeQueen Bee13 órája
  • lolll is huddy now a groomer

    lil Tatilil Tati13 órája
  • People need privacy

    Carolyn SmithCarolyn SmithNapja
  • Tiktokers and drama are a perfect match 😂

    Student Brelyn WalkerStudent Brelyn WalkerNapja
  • like alejandro said, if you don't like mattia thats fine! but lets not attack his parents or the restaurant they own. they don't take his actions thats on mattia

    Haseebah Saeed Year 8Haseebah Saeed Year 8Napja
  • I don't like people like this cause like people can do what they want. and if they want to catch COVID they can go ahead and get it. you aren't going to get COVID by staying at home. so you stay at home and you won't get it, they can keep on going out so they can get COVID. also I don't with getting COVID on anyone

    Haseebah Saeed Year 8Haseebah Saeed Year 8Napja
  • I love how she gives us the tea and we don’t have to try to get “tagged” from the fan pages that never tag- ( no hate to fan pages )

    Cow GirlsCow GirlsNapja
  • Why did you have to do this to me I was happy knowing that they kissed it but they didn't why 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😓😓

    Cookie_11 StoneCookie_11 StoneNapja
  • Whyyyyyyyy

    Cookie_11 StoneCookie_11 StoneNapja
  • Nooooooo

    Cookie_11 StoneCookie_11 StoneNapja
  • Celebration Time come on chacha is back yayy im so happy

    Cookie_11 StoneCookie_11 StoneNapja
  • I think they kissed when they was dating

    Alisia PlakuAlisia PlakuNapja
  • I think she/he would get a job FBI

    Ajit PatelAjit Patel3 napja
  • Anna I was watching all your videos instead of working on my exams work lol

    Umaimah MalikUmaimah Malik3 napja
  • why are they stalking her

    BilslefttoeBilslefttoe3 napja
  • i am deeply terrified of nicki minaj fans. yall have my respect

    gracie ?gracie ?3 napja
  • 2021 is everyone getting boyfriends or there man back like oop

    Yadira Alvarez AlvarezYadira Alvarez Alvarez4 napja
  • it's VERY wrong that Charlie and chase are in the Bahamas but it's also wrong to stalk them YIKES Noah omfg stfu !! "People are gonna hate on you no matter what you do" STOP TRAVELING DURING A PANDEMIC THENNN Nicki's baby is adorable idec what you say. I understand attacking matia but leave his parents out of it they have their own life and they're not responsible for him. Its unfair :( And to threat attacking his uncle physically

    Paige MayoPaige Mayo4 napja
  • I F-ing hate Noah Beck

    Zakiya FaisalZakiya Faisal4 napja
  • It’s already bad enough that their in Bahamas but y’all just had to make it worse by spying. WE WERE GONNS CATCH THEM DOING SUM EVENTUALLY DONT WE ALWAYS BUT WE DONT HAVE TO SPY ON THEM😭😭😭😭

    Tiffany MaithTiffany Maith4 napja
  • Ok so influencers can travel? And disconnect but My mom who is a full time doctor, a mother of 4, a wife of a geologist, a daughter of a man who has Heart problems and a women who needs dialysis every other day, a sister to 6 people! And an unt to over 50 people Can’t even have a day off or peace? Life IS totally unfair

    Mermaid_ LolaMermaid_ Lola4 napja

    Lanika_ PlayzLanika_ Playz5 napja
  • I hate mattia but like y'all really wanna come for his UNCLE

    Olive WhiteOlive White5 napja
  • his uncle, his family did nothing wrong, leave them alone, i understand Mattia is a shame to humanity, but like, don't attack his god damn family bruh

    BlueBerryIceTeaBlueBerryIceTea5 napja
  • I can't even see half of my family and he wants to "Disconnect." Grow up.

    thatonesouthafricangirlthatonesouthafricangirl5 napja
  • I just love how they’re picking on the tiktokers just cause they’re not social distancing but have you seen the people in the stores🤦‍♀️

    Kate TravisKate Travis5 napja
  • Chubby babies are super cute why'd he make fun of it- literally 6:50 what she said is true

    Sharks Rule!Sharks Rule!5 napja
  • Bro the baby is so cute and body shaming is *NOT* okay! edit: and yeah I agree that his parents and family do NOT deserve hate be he DEFINENTLY does! no offence

    Sharks Rule!Sharks Rule!5 napja
  • her videos make me mad and its not about the tea

    noelle flowernoelle flower5 napja
  • i honestly dont understand why people are makeing such a big deal about the pandemic yes poeple die but more people die from the flu its stupid my family has had covid and were fine ?

    Faith AlmerFaith Almer5 napja
    • you guys can hate me but you know im right

      Faith AlmerFaith Almer5 napja
  • Omg can these people leave the influence alone you guys GAVE THEM FAME

    Neena SpinelliNeena Spinelli5 napja
  • Here since100k

    Sibbo GamingSibbo Gaming5 napja

    Aviahna RiceAviahna Rice5 napja
  • Y’all be obsessed with these people the fact that some y’all getting pressed cause of their actions just shows that y’all in love with their life

    Miley LockridgeMiley Lockridge5 napja
  • hUnNy

    FatimaSheikhFatimaSheikh5 napja

    Peres NoutchiePeres Noutchie5 napja
  • Chase was the one that kissed her just letting you know.

    Madison CAINMadison CAIN6 napja
  • cringe youuu coprighted anna oop

    Team Roblox #1Team Roblox #16 napja
    • i am going to repter on here

      Team Roblox #1Team Roblox #16 napja
  • The tik tokers are starting the drama but the fans are making the drama stay.

    Xxloser_daisyxXXxloser_daisyxX6 napja
  • I call thiss the tiktok news

    Dounut and PizzaDounut and Pizza6 napja
  • no ones gonna talk abt when anna oop said "nicky minaj HIS sister" u mis genderd HER

    April GoossensApril Goossens6 napja
    • Hala Mohamed is possible I thought but I can be wrong thanks for educating me!

      April GoossensApril GoossensNapja
    • No she said "nicki minaj'S sister"

      Hala MohamedHala Mohamed2 napja
  • I- Woah

  • It’s messed up that matt said sum sh!t ab a baby’s appearance, and yeah you should discipline him, but it’s also messed up when you attack innocent people and ruin matt’s dad’s Restaurant reputation.

    KatSk8’s lolKatSk8’s lol7 napja
  • Ok first things first I agree that it’s not cool to go after mattia’s family for what Mattia did and has nothing to do with his family. BUTTTT the least he could do is apologize, Ik it’s just a baby and it has no idea what’s happening but idk it would just hurt to hear someone body shaming a family member.

    Haya SunnaaHaya Sunnaa7 napja
  • Dang don’t come for Nicki her fans don’t play

    Razi VlogsRazi Vlogs7 napja
  • i lokey agree with noah yes if he asked anybody to come they would say yes and nobody can talk on them if u travled or havent social distinaced

  • Ok I’m saying why are y’all shocking a teenager and her family at this point y’all are creeps leave her alone😬😑

    Sisterly loveSisterly love8 napja
  • Wtf is wrong with people?

    DuncDunc8 napja
  • No WAY Thomas came DEFENDED Mattia. That right there is a duo I never want to see.

    ShadowFox _52ShadowFox _528 napja

    Sir can you pull up to the next window?Sir can you pull up to the next window?8 napja
  • Okay but no privacy tho

    XenoPetraXenoPetra8 napja
  • I find it funny how when it comes to tiktokers privacy a lot of people wanted to defend it and just throw a lot of shade to the people who were invading their privacy but when it comes to Big celebrities everyone is saying how well they're famous so they should expect being recorded all the time.. WTF

    Cynthya PerezCynthya Perez9 napja

    Miss. twinklesMiss. twinkles9 napja
  • WERE IN A LITERAL PANARAMIC!!!!! the disrespect 🤨😑😳😐💅✨

    Miss. twinklesMiss. twinkles9 napja
  • Ngl the baby is so cuteeee 😍😍

    Rianne Angel BernardoRianne Angel Bernardo9 napja
  • ok but at this point i like trisha more then most of the tiktokers...

    stasa zivkovicstasa zivkovic9 napja
  • They grown and rich ofc they gon go somewhere 😂we can’t tell them what they can and can’t do if they get rona that’s then oh well

  • He could have gone into so much description and he goes "they did not kiss".😂

    Emerson TosseyEmerson Tossey9 napja
  • I thought Mattia was named nikita

    Charli SepulvedaCharli Sepulveda9 napja
  • I’m not from la so covid restrictions are different where I am but aren’t you supposed to quarantine for two weeks after traveling?? Even if you don’t have covid??!?

    Erica O'HaraErica O'Hara9 napja
  • Or you care to much like peaple started saying that charlie damelio is not ssuporting the blm ✊🏿 how did you know like i aaw anna video like no fucking reason like bc she traveld to bahamas like peaple are just jealous bc they are just sitting at hom doing homwork

    Its. LinaIts. Lina9 napja
    • I saw anna

      Its. LinaIts. Lina9 napja
  • I think what ever tiktokrs will do no one will like it come one like this is my first time commenting in a video like i dont know iam to lazy to comment and peaple are like :jdhdjzvdnskhsbs .like wow aren’t you lazy

    Its. LinaIts. Lina9 napja
  • Wow maybe she is hiding her relationship bc peaple are anoying like spiying. Come on like privacy

    Its. LinaIts. Lina9 napja
  • i think Noah is fine, like leave him alone, this is stupid, if masks work then how come nothing has changed.

    Dion VanKehrbergDion VanKehrberg10 napja
  • Omg they are fine leave them alone

    Dion VanKehrbergDion VanKehrberg10 napja
  • ok but just cause they are rich and “famous” don’t mean they don’t have problems and could feel yea even rich people get stressed and depressed. But yea they shouldn’t go out and travel during a pandemic to feel better that’s just being ignorant.

    BunBunBunBun10 napja
  • Y’all don’t gotta go and leave negative reviews on the fams restaurant . i understand that we are all pressed how mattia came after nicki’s baby like that but yeah . don’t fight petty with petty ....

    ᴄᴇᴄᴇ’s ᴊᴏᴜʀɴᴇʏᴄᴇᴄᴇ’s ᴊᴏᴜʀɴᴇʏ10 napja
  • You are saying give them privacy blah blah blah but you sharing this is spreading their privacy like what just leave them alone and sometimes pepole need a break so they take trips a lot of pepole have done it in 2020 and in 2021 ugh

    Kinsley ParkinsonKinsley Parkinson10 napja
  • When the Bahamas becomes a covid hotspot I'm not going to act surprised🙄at this point I've lost all faith at some TikTokers And Mattia you disgust me like imagine body shaming a BABY A NEW BORN

    Rinae naeRinae nae10 napja
    • But involving his uncle is still not ryt

      Rinae naeRinae nae10 napja
  • The anna oop fam when she posts:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NataliaNatalia10 napja
  • chill out.... let them live their lives!!! if they want to go to the Bahamas let them!!! 99% of the time people recover from the virus also the coronavirus has been HERE the ENTIRE time but theyre just making it a big deal

    Jessica HoskinsJessica Hoskins10 napja
  • I reallyyyyyyyy hope chase and charlie are bak together

    Damaris OlguinDamaris Olguin10 napja
  • What

    Samina FarooqSamina Farooq10 napja
  • if u dont ship stop

    Miaicced !Miaicced !10 napja
  • How the hell you body shame a baby they can't even walk yet let alone have a 6 pack. What is wrong with people these days???

    Harley GoodwinHarley Goodwin10 napja
  • Tbh that baby is probably what Mattia looked like when he was a baby too

    Alexander HudsonAlexander Hudson10 napja
  • I'm kinda glad addison rae has been minding her own...i think I've gained respect for her more. *Round of applause* 😌👏

    {buggie} B{buggie} B10 napja
  • I was like “MATTIA what the heck bruh go take care of your kid and stop making fun of a BABY its a baby its good for it to be chubby that means the baby’s healthy wtf”

    -Maddie that Baddie--Maddie that Baddie-11 napja
  • Idk why all these tik tokers have the nerve to come for a-list celebrities, BYEE😭

    Skies StanSkies Stan11 napja
  • their trying to run away from the hate

    it's me kaeshenit's me kaeshen11 napja
  • i mean like if they socail distance their fans the fans are gonna feel some type of way

    it's me kaeshenit's me kaeshen11 napja
  • Yes Charlie just reached 100 million followers on TikTok do you like want to lose

    Aoife MaberAoife Maber11 napja
  • But they’re not the only ones traveling during a pandemic un popular ppl are traveling 2

    mumu Lucmumu Luc11 napja
  • I wanna go outside in a literal park and I can’t even do that anymore I’ve been stuck in my house for so long I haven’t seen my family I had so many plans for this year my little sister didn’t even get to go to school and it’s her first year she has to be home bored all day like she’s not even going to get to experience her first year some people are so self centered traveling in a whole pandemic how do u expect it to get better when your running around the Bahamas hanging with fans and each other .... disappointed

    Katie DoroteoKatie Doroteo11 napja
  • There is millions of ppl traveling and the tiktokers are the ones who get cancelled what if one of the tiktokers asked u to go to the Bahamas with them u will most likely say yes the only reason ur canceling them is cuz ur jealous

    OnlyIsaacOnlyIsaac11 napja
  • oh so dixie and noah were the only ones in the picture? if I recall, their fans weren't social distancing as well but noooooooooooo blame the influencers for everything shall we darling

    whitney mthembuwhitney mthembu11 napja
  • i honestly think ppl are taking this too far with saying body shaming. Nicki isn't even trippin abt the situation but the barbs are going crazy. calling a baby fat isn't really an insult. it might be offensive, but it's not necessarily body shaming. sure he could've said the baby was chubby but it still doesn't qualify as body shaming honestly. and i like Nicki, it's just that the barbs can be a group of toxic, idolizing individuals that take things too far. coming for mattia's family is taking things too far.

    Alexxus WashingtonAlexxus Washington11 napja
  • Why is everyone so pressed about Mattia calling a baby fat ? I'm pretty sure majority of y'all have called a baby fat or some other things. Like I don't understand, just because its Nicki's baby doesn't mean that every one is obligated to say something nice about it. Plus what is the baby going to do about it?? It shouldn't bother you guys so much, I understand you support Nicki and all, but I think you guys just need to leave it alone and move on. This is my personal opinion and I know I'm going to get some hate because of it but ✌️😗✌️

    Emmaly AlvaradoEmmaly Alvarado11 napja
  • Noah really said "In this business, we need a break every now and then" .. .sir you are a TIKTOK STAR.. there's nothing hard and tiring about standing in front of your phone and dancing to songs. So self centered. First responders have to work DAY AND NIGHT EVERYDAY because of people like him..

    LexLex11 napja
  • Im sorry did Mattia just body shame a baby?!?! 💀😭

    Sophi BellaxSophi Bellax11 napja
  • I feel bad for Mattias dad like-

    Its_RIts_R11 napja
  • I just wanna know: How the hell did they come up with those reviews 😭

    MickeyMickey11 napja
  • never mess with the barbz 😌🤚🏽

    Alayna BaladyAlayna Balady11 napja
  • people on the internet switch up so fast-

    Alan FloresAlan Flores11 napja
  • okay, but why did those fans come for his dads business? he did nothing wrong, why are you dragging in the poor guy, just for something his SON did?

    fl00fie*fl00fie*12 napja
  • Her: “lmk your thoughts in the comments” Me: “popping off” 🤣🤣🤣

    Peyton BrownPeyton Brown12 napja
  • Anna opp is a queen ..period😍

    UnicormajayFN ,UnicormajayFN ,12 napja
  • i dont think its a big deal that theyre traveling... i mean ppl ik do it all the time n they dont get "cancelled"

    Joe MamaJoe Mama12 napja