Addison Rae CHEATED ON By Bryce Hall With THIS GIRL?! Bhad Bhabie APOLOGIZES, Jacob Sartorius

2020.dec. 3.
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Addison Rae CHEATED ON By Bryce Hall With THIS GIRL?! Bhad Bhabbie APOLOGIZES, Jacob Sartorius
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  • me watching this video as ava louise is LITERALLY coming for all of sway in 2021:

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  • Back in the day when u were 8 lamo no hate just joking

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  • Bhad bhabie and Jacob sartorious beef was few years ago

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  • And gays had me dead lmao

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  • Me on the barbz Tiktok creating Bible: 😜🙌💅

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  • is the tiktoker who exposed bryce from dr. phil? the part of her face looked like her-

    Azumi DeunaAzumi Deuna11 napja
  • at 2:28 didnt yall see it said gays insted of guys lol no hate ily

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  • Eeeh..what do you mean addision should take all the blame bicouse Bryce cheated on her 🤨

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  • Its so sad that you cant even announce your relationship when your famous cuz you get attacked for no reason and its sad cuz u get hate random for dating like theres no reason for hate like seriously stop.

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  • "and gays" shes not wrong tho 😫💀💨 [speaking about me only okayYyYYy]

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  • So no one is talking about ‘and gays’

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  • 1:21 is this ava louise?? The skinny legend that was seen on dr. phil I really didn't expect this 💀

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  • Bryce shaded Jacob but didn't he got arrested for smoking Wee-

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  • Bhad Bhabie has definitely matured over her break. She seems to be calm and alot healthier. im glad she addressed the video properly.

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  • Why does the girl w tony look like the girl in dr phil😂 she look so familiar. Istg i have seen her somewhere-

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  • I love the christmas theme in your latest vids!❤🎄❄☃️

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  • wait yall actually had a crush on Jacob sartorius wtf

  • 7:32 girl- allegedly?! You can’t say allegedly when we *WERE* and some still are upset about it, it sounds like belittling to me.

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  • Anna be spilling the tea girllll

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  • As a black person I forgive Danielle. I feel like she's telling the truth and didn't mean to offend anyone,I also wasn't offended either way since I could care less abt peoples opinions on the black community

  • "unknown tiktoker" sis was on Dr Phil

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  • Love ya

    Myshonda HarrisonMyshonda HarrisonHónapja
  • Woah-

  • Its nice to see that Danielle is maturing and not being AS problematic as before, a lot of growth im seeing

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  • ok no harm on Addison Rae but once a cheater always a cheater! that's on PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ugh miss girl

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  • The cc said Rae wrong-

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  • I thought Danielle was black-

  • So no onw is going to talk abut how she put and gays?!

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  • Why is no one talking about how at 2:28 it said "and gays" like LMAO I DIED

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  • Woah woah woah. I thought Addison Rae was cheating on Bryce Hall with a girl ○•○. Honey, you dang messed up on the title 😂

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  • 2:28 Nobody: Nobody at all: Anna:well gays😂😂

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  • Coi was not having it with bb

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  • Okay for the Daniel think I think in my opinion that instead of her saying “who wants to be black” she could’ve said “who wants to act black” that I would’ve understood . That’s my opinion.

  • Those are rumors

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  • There are still daiting 🙄

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  • Jacob is definitely not setting a good example for his fans like T F.

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  • hunt some tea as u should

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  • Bryce: 🏃🌎

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  • Smh chain bc all these mf ttkers keep on being dramatic and acting like its 2019-💀

  • And you titled ur vid wrong

  • Didn't they just get back together? Smh stop freaking confusing me

  • jacob had just turned 18, so hes probably happy he gets to smoke and act cool

  • I still don’t like bhad bhabie tbh

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midgetHónapja
  • Jacob pack it up 💀

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midgetHónapja
  • “We” used to have a crush on.. who is we

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  • I mean I can see where people are coming from when you say the n word, where box braids, and blackfish people just assume you wanna be black and did she ever apologize for saying the n-word?

    Smarty LTCSmarty LTCHónapja
  • We all know ava louis makes jokes like that (if you don't know who she is she's the girl that made the skinny legend anthem)

    Smarty LTCSmarty LTCHónapja
  • "We all had a crush on" I'mma stop u right there who is we u meant only u

    Kirbena IfillKirbena IfillHónapja
  • M GIRL HE SHOULDNT BE SO proud of being addicted

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  • Thank you just told me something very very valuable about to get involved with any of y'all idiots too much damn guys too much, too much damn Paramore I don't need it too much and I want it is your thing you Bryce Charlie all of u

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  • “That we used to have a crush on” girl who’s we

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    • me tf

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  • These are the people who want anna to chill and leave Addi and Bryce aloneeeeeeee let them be a couple THIS is why they don’t want to announce their relationship guys!!!!!! 👇


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  • Jacob is wayyyyyy to young to be smoking 🍃🚫

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  • Offending the BLACK community is up to the BLACKS in my opinion I forgive Danielle but some ways of “offending” is rlly unnecessary. See how Willy Wonka “offended” the Mexican community Anna obviously said that it’s up to the MEXICANS at this point I think it was kinda offensive for Danielle actions but I forgive her because she owned up and she knows it was offensive

    Nahla CopelandNahla CopelandHónapja
    • Periodt

      Ella H-PElla H-PHónapja
  • Who dislike your vids 😅 like who don't like your vids..... I for one love them

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  • bryce hall is just so ugly I’m sorry

    Julian JonesJulian JonesHónapja
    • Thats your opinion

      Ella H-PElla H-PHónapja
  • tik tok got so toxiccc

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  • omg wait how old is jacob...

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  • but like bryce TF what it you doing

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  • "back in the day" i-- hun it was not that long ago

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  • The unknown tiktoker is Ava louisse from dr Phil who wrote skinny legend anthem and she said she’d rather die than be ugly

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  • I use to like braddison but ..................

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  • Oof

  • I can still not believe Jacob

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  • 2:28 - and gays insted on guys ahahah

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  • Why y’all always tryin to ruin addy and Bryces relationship there happy ... just LEAVE THEM ALONE

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  • Jacob still exists?💀

  • Click bait?

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  • Jesus saves


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    • Her mom is unstable and toxic as hell like yo-

      bruh •_•bruh •_•Hónapja
  • not yall forgetting jacobs grown up now and can do as he wanrs

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  • wAiT i NeEd mY tEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... okay got it

  • INTERNET WENT INTO FLAMES😲😲🥱😮😦😵🤥😶😷🤥🤠😶🤭 *has 32 likes on comment*

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  • I really thought the title said “Addison Rae cheated on Bryce hall with this girl” I was like wait what

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  • Is it just me or..... dose she sounds like Addison Rae

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  • Whats the big deal ab being a stoner lmaoo?!

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  • 2:28 did anyone notice it said "and gays..." lmao

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  • [Ooooo

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  • Tbh even when Jacob Sartorious was on musically I thought he was kinda gross and hella cringy🤮🤢🤢🤢

    Allison SantosAllison SantosHónapja
  • Bryce posted a vid 3 days ago with addison and they look happy!

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  • I literally worship you Anna! I’ve been watching you since the Nikita dragon makeup brand disaster !! 🥰🥰

  • *Bro, I thought the title said "Addison cheats on Bryce with THIS girl?" 💀*

  • Who tf- speech Bryce

    Aubree NellaAubree NellaHónapja
  • Shut up ,I love Jacob he literally promoted this tiktok for 5 years. Theirs no point of hating on him. he hasn't done shit 🙄

    waresha_ sheikhwaresha_ sheikhHónapja

  • repent guyss please jesus is coming back soon! please turn to jesus and away from sin please! he will come at random no one knows the time is now! ❤️

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  • does anyone remember matty B?

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  • Jacob and bhad bhabie's fight on Twitter was kinda funny ngl

    Taya TlakaTaya TlakaHónapja
  • Addison rae is cute but she's not all that lol

    Allison SimpsonAllison SimpsonHónapja
  • omggg nooooo waaay

    Sara Habetamu DubaleSara Habetamu DubaleHónapja
  • not surprised that he cheated

    Vada Martin GoogooVada Martin GoogooHónapja
  • I am so happy that Jacob Sartorius is cancel

  • omg the girl who exposed their relationship was on the doctor phil show......... she said i'd rather die than be ugly lol

    Sophia BeckerSophia BeckerHónapja
  • HUworld getting real comfortable with putting six ads in one video

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  • When can people mind their business like shut up Bryce Hall and Addison Rae relationship has nothing to do with y'all.

    Joshua KayandaJoshua KayandaHónapja